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Yugo World Poll: February 2003

Yugo Poll Responses


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1988 Yugo GV

Responses to the Question: What does the word "Yugo" mean to you?  AS OF: 2/3/2003

I think it means a much more reliable inexpensive car to drive and maintain compared to my old Mercedes.

-B. Pacheco (2/2/03)

Yu.go (yoo-go)n. 1: Any small car made by Zastava and marketed in the United States by Malcolm Bricklin through the years 1985-1991. Unfairly gained reputation of being flimsy and unreliable. 2: Punch line of numerous automotive jokes. 3: Synonym for any variety of small cars made in countries the average American has never heard of or can't pronounce the name of correctly. 

-David G. (2/2/03)

Its "short" for Yougoslavia.
-Steven S. -The UGONATR (2/2/03)

You turn the Yu-Go.
You hit the gas Yu-Go fast.
-Woody (2/2/03)

To me Yugo means an integral part of the glorious 1980s, a small efficient car from a small, efficient and proud country. To think if Yugoslavia had remained together, Zastava had time to correct the earlier quality issues, and we could have great little 2003 Yugos roaming the highways and byways of America today.

-Edsel M. (2/3/03)

The meaning of YUGO must be............ 
#1 You Uncertain Go On. 
#2 Yes, Unbelievable Gas Outbreak! 
#3 You're Under Great Obligation. 

Just playing around! YUGO is a short of Yugoslavia. A to all of you out there whit Yugos! 
-Charles O -IMS Owner (2/3/03)



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