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Yugo World 1991 GVplus - before restoration

Welcome to Yugo America Media of Yugo World!

All information on these pages is free to look at, but please, if you want to use these resources, please contact me at: We bring Original Rare Yugo Brochures and Releases for your enjoyment! We found and enjoyed them, and now we pass them on for you to view and enjoy.

I hope you enjoy these valuable resources, and tell all your Yugo Fanatic friends about them.


New Brochure Purchased! 2/21/02

Well, it's not completely new, but it's certainly different. It is a 1988 Yugo GVS Brochure. This is a very rare brochure. The last time I tried to get one, it went for close to $50! It will be posted as soon as it arrives.


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