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Past News

HOME update

We now have a new start page. I am also working on a better system of organization with some new software. There is now a Message Board too, which will be updated as time progresses. Keep checking back; with more time this next month, I will be sure to have updates -Brandon 12/26/03

Yugo World Returns!! 

Hello again everyone! I am glad to say some time has been freed up, and I am going to try to reorganize Yugo World, and get it up to date. With College and everything happening at once, I've been pressed for time to do the things I really want to do. So here we are; check back often now, as I work with a new way of creating and editing this stuff!
Thanks, and as always, have a great day!

Anyone need some 1991 Yugo GVplus parts? 

An extra 1991 GVplus with the Electronic Fuel Injected engine has recently surfaced and after it's bout with the Yugo World mechanics, it's ready for round two. If you are in need of some quality 1991 EFI parts check this page out.   5/5/03

1991 Yugo GVplus Parts

Restoration Update: August '02 to April '03: What have we been doing?

It's that time of year again kids -- YUGO TIME! The Yugo is now out of storage and restoration continues. Check out the restoration page to see the new fuel pump swap, and everything else we've done during the long winter months   5/4/03

Restoration of a 1991 Yugo GVplus

Disaster at YUGO WORLD!!!

Please forgive us as we try to reconstruct after a devastating blow from a computer virus. Most of YUGO WORLD was lost, but a few back up disks and hard copies survived. We still have the interview with the original Rally Drivers on hard copy and it will be published soon. Thanks for being patient!  4/27/03

Poll results: What does the Word Yugo mean to you?

Thanks to all who participated in our poll: One Word, A Thousand Meanings . I am sorry to say with the problems on the Yugo World computers, all poll entries after February 3 2003 were deleted. Thanks again to those who wrote in, and if you want to write it again, it will be posted. Check back soon for the next Yugo poll.  4/27/03

Poll February 2003

Yugo World in USA Today!

In the May 10th USA Today, an article, written by David Kiley, announced the return of the Yugo. Later on in that article, he told us of Brandon's Yugo story and mentioned Yugo World! Thank you David! 5/11/02

USA Today Yugo Article

What does the Word Yugo mean to you?

Take the newest poll: What does the word "Yugo" mean to you. All results will be posted and some used for a presentation One Word, A Thousand Meanings .  2/1/03

Poll February 2003

December 2002 Poll Results!!

Take a look at these interesting results from our December Poll: What else do you drive?   2/1/03

Poll December 2002

Yugo World now Multi-Lingual!

Вы говорите английскую язык? Well, you might speak English, but some others may not. We are now proud to announce Yugo World in Russian! Check at the bottom of the menu bar for more languages! 12/27/02

Yugo World in Russian

Finally, a Links page!!!

Ever have a problem with your Yugo that stumped all local mechanics? Check out our links page, which will take you to certified Yugo mechanics via Yahoo! Groups. Also, surf over to the official ZMW website through this wonderful addition to the Yugo World page lineup.  12/28/02

Yugo World Links

What else do you drive?

So, what else do you drive when you are not cruising in the Yugo? Drop us a line!  11/30/02

Poll 12/2002

ZMW to use Peugeot, as far as we know.....................

In an article on Yugo World last month, it was mentioned that ZMW was talking about using Toyota Engines. Our source was incorrect and has been dropped from the list  We apologize for any extraneous stress procured from this happening. 11/20/02

Zastava Motor Works Updates

Your Yugo Source!!

Ever have a problem with Yugo that no one seems to know what the deal is? Well fret no more! YugoGV list on Yahoo! is at your service!! This great resource of over 100 Yugo owners is one of  the original Yugo Forum and still runs today!!  10/8/02

YugoGV list on Yahoo!

2003 ZMW Cabrio update! Z

New pictures of the 2003 ZMW Cabrio, or at least what it will look like when the finished product is imported. 10/4/02

Zastava Motor Works Updates

450 horsepower SUPER YUGO!!!!

Yes that's right, 450 hp!!! Check out these exclusive pictures of the SUPER YUGO!! 10/4/02

Super Yugo

1990 Yugo GVplus has been SOLD!!!

Today marks the second step in the right direction for the Yugo World Yugo Sale section: We have sold the first YUGO!!!! 9/22/02

Yugos for sale

God Bless America!!!

Thank you to all those whom have spent themselves in unwavering cheerful service for the good of their fellow man. "He who serves his fellows, is of all his fellows greatest" -Dr. E Urner Goodman 9/11/02

1990 Yugo GVplus For sale!!!

There is a new Yugo for sale in our Yugo Sale section. Check it out today!! 8/21/02

Yugos for sale

Finally: Some Progress!!

It is a month after our last update and we finally have some pictures! Check out the newest update to the Restoration process! 8/11/02

Yugo GVplus Restoration

Restoration Continues.....

It's been a while, but we at Yugo World have been busy with restoration. We have no new pictures as of now, but they are on their way. With a new shipment arrived from Orion Automotive, we have much to do this month! 7/10/02

Yugo GVplus Restoration

Restoration Process Updated!

Restoration has begun for our 1991 Yugo GVplus!  Watch this Yugo transform with pictures of each step! 5/25/02

Yugo GVplus Restoration

Yugos for sale

The all new "Yugos For sale" page added. Featured is a perfect, one-owner 1988 GV! 5/11/02

Yugos For sale

New Zastava Pictures!

Two new Zastava Florida Sedan Pictures on the Zastava in 2002 Page! 4/21/02

Zastava in 2002

Zastava announces New Sedan!

Check out our updated Zastava in 2002 page. Zastava announced a new sedan on April 4th of 2002! We have the pictures. I will keep you updated! 4/21/02

Zastava in 2002

Zastava model 2002 page created

In light of recent news, we have created a Zastava 2002 model page. 4/12/02

Zastava in 2002

Updated Yugo Pictures

Today, I updated the pictures the Yugo. Call these: "The Before Pictures" 4/1/02

Our Yugo

Yugo Purchased!

The Day has arrived. We at Yugo World have finally purchased an Actual Yugo! Go to the "Our Yugo" section for more information. 3/2/02

Our Yugo

Past New Section

You may have noticed quite a bit of news in our news section (Your reading it now). Because of the high volume of news, a "Past News" section has been created to archive old news. 3/1/02

Past News

New Yugo Brochure Purchased

We haven't had too much progress this past month but we are still finding rare brochures to be posted. For more info, check out the Media info section. 02/21/02

Media Information

Drowning Mona Brochures

Did you see Drowning Mona in the Theatres? If not, it's out on video now. If you have, then you can appreciate these newly added Brochures from the hit (Well, maybe to the Yugo fans) movie! 02/02/02

Media Information

Yugo Products for Sale

Looking for a new part for your Yugo? Check out the Yugo Products for sale section. Have a Part you'd like to sell? Once again, the Yugo Products for sale section is what's for you! 02/02/02

Yugo Products for Sale

New Brochures and Releases!

Today we added Six new Press releases and three new Brochures to the Media Information Section! 2/1/02

Media Information

User Additions Section

Do you have a Yugo? Click on our User Addition Section and tell us about it. Share your Yugo tips with the world! 2/1/02

User Additions

What is a Yugo?

Take a look at our General Information Section and learn about this Yugoslavian Car! 1/31/02

General Information

Media Information Section

Check Out our newly added Media Info Section. It contains such rarities as a 1987 Press Kit! 1/31/02

Media Information